Making Memories when 2 become more | Newmarket Aurora Photographer

My goal as a photographer is to ensure you have photographs from every milestone in your life to look back on. I would love nothing more than to see all my clients fill the walls of their homes with beautiful photos.
Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to be with a client from the beginning of their relationship.
I met Natasha and Adam in 2013 and had the dubious honour of photographing both their engagement and wedding 2014.

Two years later, when their daughter Brooklyn was born, they once again came to me to mark this incredible moment.

They came back when Brooklyn was sitting to commemorate that important milestone.

Then just this month, we celebrated her first birthday photos together.

It has been a true honour to work with this family over the last four years to create a gorgeous timeline of their lives together so far – one they are able to look back on for years to come.

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1 Year Cake Smash Session | Newmarket York Region Photographer

Such a happy little man.  From the moment he walked in the studio he was all smiles.  So handsome, so happy. It was a great session and extremely successful.  I just love milestone sessions, it’s such an amazing honour to be able to capture these long lasting memories for the families.  Not to mention, cake smash sessions are so much fun and messy.  Cake was provided by Cakes by Tanya (  Happy 1st Birthday!

Cake Smash | 1 year | Family | Milestone | Birthday photos | Thornhill Photograhper | Vaughan Photogapher


2016 Reflection | Newmarket York Region Photographer

Another year has come and gone. Pretty incredible all the things happened in 2016, personal and business.

The best thing of 2016 is we welcomed our 2nd baby boy Dylan. Born January 29 at alb 14oz. Yep… almost 10lbs! C-section… no way was I gonna try doing it natural. Can’t believe he’s already almost 1. So now i’m in planning stage of his birthday party and his 1 year photo shoot!

Next best: We moved into our new house. We live in Aurora now and just love the area and our house.

Business best: I reno’d my Thornhill Studio. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I knocked down a wall, making it twice as big. It’s so lovely and such a warm comfortable environment.

Most importantly, I was able to be part of so many memories and milestones. It’s been a humbling year. 107 sessions and 50 mini sessions. Just incredible and amazing feeling when people trust me with such precious moments.

Thank you all and hope you have an amazing 2017! Happy New Year

Twins! | Newmarket Newborn Photography

Baby Everly and Munroe were my first session of 2016! And what an amazing session to start a New Year! Twins are something very special, they say that miracles come in pairs! these lovely ladies are in fact that.  It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.  🙂
Here’s to an amazing 2016, very excited about this year.

Behind the scenes with Baby Scarlett | Newmarket York Region Photographer

I am super excited to present my first and definitely not last behind the scenes video.  This video is of a newborn session with Baby Scarlett who is 8 days old.  The video was filmed at my Vaughan Studio by my good friend and co-worker Martin from

I wanted to showcase some things on how my newborn sessions are.  Every baby is different, babies between day 6-12 are the sleepiest and most squishy so I find that is the best time to photograph your baby.  Babies who are older than 12 days can definitely still be photographed as a newborn, I just tailor the session to ensure they are the most comfortable and safest.

Your session can run anywhere from 1-4 hours.  I work on baby’s schedule.  I have a preparation guide I send out to my families to help the session go as smooth as possible. Being on baby’s schedule, when it’s time to eat we stop and break for a feed, if it’s time to go to the washroom, we do the same.  I always change the blankets if they’ve been soiled and wash everything using gentle detergent after each session, regardless if it’s been soiled on or not.  My studio is kept a very warm temperature of approx 28 degrees so when baby is naked, he/she is very comfortable.

A lot of people say that baby needs to be sleeping during the session, this is not 100% true.  A sleeping baby is preferred for many poses, specifically for safety purposes.  However an awake baby, as long as they’re not crying is beautiful.

I am so humbled and honoured to be able to capture the beginnings of these little precious beings.  So fragile, so beautiful… just an amazing gift.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that in 100 years, these photographs will be treasured.  I’ve been asked to be part of families heirlooms and grow with them.  Best feeling in the world!