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Digital files:

I think it’s no secret that I’m passionate about what I do. I love it and I live for it.
It, along with my family is the Why in my life (my “why I do what I do” photo below).

I love to create beautiful images for my clients and I love to know that they will cherish those images forever.

I get asked often about digital files (which are included in all of my packages) and I want to address that topic here and now.

Whilst we live in a digital age and anyone who knows me will know that I embrace that.
I have thousands of images stored on no less than 5 external hard-drives but the images that I cherish, the images that make me pause in my busy day, the images that I want my children to migrate to when they feel sad, or happy, or lonely or simply want to remember a time that they have already forgotten are PRINTED.

Trust me, I know how important social media is today. You’ve seen my post, numerous amounts images go online everyday. But what happens next? What happens when your news feed moves on? What happens when Facebook is no longer a la mode?

My husband and I were watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (This is not a spoiler… promise!).  There was a part of the movie that the humans got back their power and Gary Oldman’s ipad charged up and photos of his son came up in a slideshow.  He hasn’t seen those photos in over 10 years, that ipad was the only memory of his son.  It brought tears to my eyes, my husband asked why I was crying…..  if he just had 1 printed photo! (true story)

I am emotional about this topic because it matters. Generations ago we would have sat for hours, even days and weeks to have our portrait painted. These portraits stand proud in homes around the world, in galleries that are visited every day. They provide us with a glimpse of the past and allow a window on lives we’ll never know.

So please… take the time and really think how you would like your legacy to be viewed in 10 years time, or 20 years time or long past your time.
#printitorloseit #yourlegacyinprint #whereareallthefloppydisks

(written by Focus Studios and Family as Art)

Focus StudiosPhoto credit: Lulu Et Elle Photography

Baby M | Thornhill Newborn Photographer

Introducing Baby M.  Her photo debut was done at day 23 which most will consider not so “newborn” anymore, however, she slept and curled up better then some 6-7 day olds. She was amazing and rocked her session.  Her older brother was a champ also, super patient and such a sweet little boy.

Session was done in my Vaughan Studio, it was a pretty cold day but we got the studio super toasty and everyone had a great time.

A big thank you to my good friend Lana who assisted the session.

A reflection of 2014 | Newborn Family Photographer

A reflection of 2014 | Newborn Family Photographer

It was an amazing 2014, 2015 has some big shoes to fill! I am humbled and so grateful to everyone who shared a part of their lives with me. New additions, New milestones, Mitzvahs and Weddings.

Thank you again and looking forward to the years to come.

May 2015 be bigger, better and the best yet! xo

(Just a few session from last year… ~enjoy)

We are now booking for 2015!

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Lisa and Steve – Maternity | Toronto Photographer

I feel like i’ve been neglecting my blogs… who am I kidding, I have been.  I get too excited about the sessions I work on and just post the images directly onto my facebook page, this time I held off.  It was tough, I must say, the images from this session really made my heart sing.  Not only was it the perfect time of day, perfect scenery of both in home and at the beach, and perfect belly bump, this amazing sweet couple just made the session a pleasure to be part of.

Lisa, Steve… enjoy your images, these photos is the start of your heirloom, for you and your new family to remember and enjoy this moment.  Your little bundle will soon be here and the last 9 months will feel like a glimpse.  I am so happy I was able to preserve these moments for you, can’t wait to meet baby.

LisaSteve-Maternity from focusstudios on Vimeo.

Brother Love | Thornhill Family Photographer

Its been a while since i’ve blogged but at least there’s always facebook for photo updates 🙂

I’ve been photographing this family for just over 2 years now, starting with Jack’s 1 year cake smash session, baby Henry’s arrival and now the two brothers together.  It’s such a pleasure being part of people lives and being able to grow with the kids.  I can’t wait till November for Henry’s cake smash, these boys are gorgeous, such an amazing session.

SlideShow from focusstudios on Vimeo.